Research and Mentoring

Photo of Xochitl Clare working on labworkAs undergraduate students, its important to take the initiative to conduct research and gain worthwhile experience to take into the work-force. Take a look at the programs that UCSC offers for students to get hands-on experience!

  • Undergraduate Research
    Undergraduate research provides students with a unique opportunity to enhance your academics while practically applying coursework in a formal setting to become a better student, researcher, and insight into future opportunities into employment and higher education.
  • STEM Diversity
    • MARC: Maximizing Access to Research Careers
      Offers research training to students to prepare them for higher-education programs in the biomedical sciences.
    • IMSD: Initiative for Maximizing Student Development
      Provides participating students with academic and experimental insight into biological research through a training program over summer and research projects during the year, funded by the National Institute of Health.
    • CAMP: California Alliance for Minority Participation
      A statewide initiative that strives to retain underrepresented undergraduates achieve degrees in biological sciences, physical sciences, mathematics, and engineering.
    • UCLEADS: University of California Leadership Excellence through Advanced Degrees
      UCLEADS is a program that focuses on educating and preparing promising students in STEM fields. 
  • Research Mentoring Institute and Diversity Fellowships 
    A grant-funding program sponsored by the National Human Genome Research Institute that offers two honor award programs to support undergraduate or graduate students of any major pursuing relevant research projects in areas relevant to the human genome.
  • Research Funding
    • BLUM Scholar Grant Program
      Provides funding for community-based research projects that address poverty, social enterprise, or participatory governance. Applications are open once every quarter.
    • Institute for Social Transformation Award
      This award provides funding for research projects that address Global and Community health.
    • Research Center for the Americas
      Offers various awards and grants for graduate students to conduct research or attend conferences and whose work focuses on Chicano, Latino, Latin American, and/or migration studies.
    • Campus Fellow Award
      Offers graduate students funding for the entire year to conduct research projects that can positively impact UC Santa Cruz and the community. The call for proposals is usually sent by email to all graduate students.