Family and Basic Needs

  • Renters Workshop
    If you're planning on living off-campus and need to know what your rights are as a renter, make sure to take this workshop. The CRO workshop educates students on how to protect themselves from legal problems with landlords and make safe choices today and later in life. Read this student's story to know why you should take the renters workshop! UC Santa Cruz also has a housing registry, and a list of community rentals for off-campus housing. 
  • Students as Parents
    Students as parents face unique challenges and often have competing responsibilities between their work and home lives. Here are important links and resources -- compiled by students who are parents working in conjunction with campus programs that support undergraduate and graduate students who are raising children at UC Santa Cruz.
  • Slug Support 
    College can definitely be a challenging time for students and during times of stress its not always easy to find the help you need. The goal of the Slug Support Program is to identify students of concern and develop an action plan focusing on retention through provision of support and resources. They offer emergency housing, financial assistance and other support services!
    CALFRESH is a program with the goal to promote the health and well-being of qualified students by providing food stamps each month to buy foods like fresh fruit, vegetables, and so much more! Get help with applying to CALFRESH by visiting the Basic Needs site
  • Basic Needs Initiative
    Whether you’re a new student or returning banana slug, the UCSC Food Access & Basic Needs Team is here to support your basic needs and wellness.