Academic Support and Planning

 Stay on top of your academics! Everyone comes to UC Santa Cruz from different high schools and with different backgrounds. We get that. Successful students will take advantage of the academic resources that are available. And, get this, they are all free!

Supplemental Learning

  • Learning Support Services (LSS)
    provides students with a wide range of academic support services including tutoring and
    Modified Supplemental Instruction (MSI), study skills workshops, and organized study groups.
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  • Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP)
    provides a variety of academic and personal support programs to improve retention and academic success for first-generation college students from low-income and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Services for Transfer and Re-Entry Students (STARS)
    for students 25 years or older, veterans, parents, or former foster youth, STARS provides advising, workshops, and a community of support
  • Engaging Education (e2)
    with a social justice mission, e
    2 is a student-initiated outreach and retention program focused on student engagement for (but not exclusive to) students of color.
  • Academic Excellence (ACE) Program
    an academic support program for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) students dedicated to increasing diversity. Join the ACE learning community.
  • University Library
    provides print and electronic books and serials. Their reserve books service can save you money on textbooks. They provide research assistance; and offer computing, printing, and scanning services. The reservable study rooms provide a safe and quiet study space.

Academic Advising Offices

  • Advising by Residential College
    During your academic career you’ll need to make academic plans, check your progress and complete coursework for your affiliated college. The advising office at your college is a resource that helps you with tracking your academic progress.
  • Advising by Major
    Major advising departments provide you with the means to speak with peer advisors, major advisors and are your pathway into declaring your major and tracking major progress.

Summer Session

The dual mission of the Summer Session office is to support current students in timely graduation while simultaneously opening UCSC enrollment to our entire community. UCSC’s broad summer curriculum is designed for UCSC students to continue making degree progress and advance in their coursework.

  • Summer Session Enrollment – During Winter Quarter, Summer Session begins to release information on courses offered. Make sure to check the courses being offered and how to enroll. 
  • Student Guide on Summer Session – This document compiled by the Summer Session office provides students with a quick and handy guide that will make signing up for courses and figuring out your summer schedule easier and less of a hassle. 
  • Summer Academic Calendar – Keep up with the Summer Session deadlines by checking the Summer Academic Calendar.