Financial Support

Know your finances!

Learn about and stay on top of the terminology, types of financial aid that are available (including private scholarships), dates and deadlines, policies and appeals. Here's a website with answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).

  • Slug Cents
    UCSC’s financial literacy program. The program’s mission is to educate all students with financial resources to graduate with as little debt as possible. This is done through workshops, resources, and financial information. Visit
    Slug Cents.
  • Undocumented Student Financial Support
    The California Dream Act allows undocumented AB 540 students to apply and receive financial aids, university grants, and more. Use this form for the AB540 form. Visit  the EOP financial aid page for more information.
  • Summer Aid
    Summer session is a very useful time to take advantage of break and take courses at UCSC. To assist students with the financial aspect, Summer session costs and estimates can be found here as well as the necessary eligibility requirements.

Fellowships and Funding

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    The Humanities Institute
    Provides a variety of grants and fellowships for research related to the humanities. Applications are usually due in Winter or Spring quarter.
  • GEODES Funding List
    Provides a list of funding available for tuition, travel, and research within the STEM fields.
  • Social Sciences Fellowships
    These resources provide a list of fellowships depending on different departments in the social sciences. If you’d like help finding more specific fellowships and grants, reach out to Ashlee Tews (
  • Social Sciences Grants
    This provides information and resources for finding grants in the social sciences division.