Financial Support

Fellowships and Funding

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    Grad Division Fellowships
    Includes a list of fellowships and scholarships for graduate students across a variety of disciplines.
  • Grad Division Minority Fellowships
    Includes a list of fellowships for graduate students who identify as being part of a minority group (e.g. ethnic/racial minority).
  • The Humanities Institute
    Provides a variety of grants and fellowships for research related to the humanities. Applications are usually due in Winter or Spring quarter.
  • GEODES Funding List
    Provides a list of funding available for tuition, travel, and research within the STEM fields.
  • Social Sciences Fellowships
    These resources provide a list of fellowships depending on different departments in the social sciences. If you’d like help finding more specific fellowships and grants, reach out to Ashlee Tews (
  • Social Sciences Grants
    This provides information and resources for finding grants in the social sciences division.

Research Funding

  • BLUM Scholar Grant Program
    Provides funding for community-based research projects that address poverty, social enterprise, or participatory governance. Applications are open once every quarter.
  • Institute for Social Transformation Award
    This award provides funding for research projects that address Global and Community health.
  • Research Center for the Americas
    Offers various awards and grants for graduate students to conduct research or attend conferences and whose work focuses on Chicano, Latino, Latin American, and/or migration studies.
  • Graduate Dean’s Research Travel Grant
    Assists graduate students in funding travel for thesis-related research, attending conferences, and workshops.
  • Campus Fellow Award
    Offers graduate students funding for the entire year to conduct research projects that can positively impact UC Santa Cruz and the community. The call for proposals is usually sent by email to all graduate students.

Teacher's Assistant (TA) Resources