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What it means to be graduating as first-generation banana slugs in the students' own words:

“To me, graduating as a first-gen student demonstrates that I am living proof Que Si Se Puede - meaning anything is possible. It took a village to get me to this university and without the back-breaking work, my father did I would not understand what it means to be a resilient woman of color. This degree is more than a paper, it is challenging the  status quo that a child of farmworker parents can do whatever they set their mind to.”--Ayde


“For me to graduate as a first gen student just shows that despite adversities or struggles, I was still able to succeed. Having the UCSC First-Gen T-shirt is important to me because I'll get to show off my accomplishment via a T-shirt.”--Madison


“It helps show my siblings that they can also succeed in an environment that was not intended for us as long as we work hard and fight for our rights and the rights of the others as well.”--Jesse

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The First Generation Initiative seeks to collaboratively build a network of faculty, staff, students, and alumni who identify as first-generation or as supporters of our first-generation student population.

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