Resources for Parents and Guardians of First Generation Students


Welcome parents and guardians of first generation students!

We are happy that you visited our webpage to learn how to better support your student, the first in the family to attend college. Many resources at UCSC will support your student’s success; see below links to many of them.

Advice from Students to Parents and Guardians

We asked current students what they wanted you to know about their experience. You can read what they have to say, their insights, and suggestions in the "Student Voices: What I wish my parents knew" section. 

Managing the Transition

In addition, we know this can be a stressful time of transition. So, take a look at our Cultural Transitions Guide, see particularly page 11.

Advice from Parents and Guardians

We also expect it might be helpful to hear from other parents/guardians in your same position. Our students returned home over winter break to interview their families. Here’s what parents of first-gen students have to say in the Parent Interviews section.

Campus Resources