Insights From A Conversation With First-Year, First-Generation College Students At UCSC


With research funding provided, in part, by a one-time award from the UC Office of the President as a result of SB1050/LCFF+, which was authorized by the California State legislature, undergraduate and graduate students in Professor Rebecca Covarrubias’ research lab facilitated a community conversation with first-year, first-generation college students on the cultural transition to UC Santa Cruz.

The research team shared several themes from their conversation, including what first-generation students:

  1. Say about their college transition experience;
  2. Gained from the conversation;
  3. Want faculty and staff to know about their experiences; and
  4. Recommend for improving these campus conversations. 

Findings were compiled into this infographic and information booklets to share with students’ families and with university audiences, including faculty and staff. 

The conversation continues. Visit the Culture & Achievement Collaborative website for more information.

Students also shared insights into what they would like faculty and staff to know about their student experiences. Please see results compiled in a booklet.